Torch is a landmark, a giant, a lighthouse. 

Torch is a precious and comforting lighting, solid and slender. 

A sculpture. A glare.


Torch is not a floor lamp like the others. Not a fragile, unsteady structure going wherever the wind leads. Torch rather is of those who impress by their silent caliber, their brutalist poetry. It is composed of a powerful marble base (Marquina, Carrara or Black & Gold) and hand-blown glass, clear or smoked, which rests on top.

Designed Dan Yeffet and edited by  collection-particuliere


H90XD28 CM

4-TORCH_triplet collection_01_ by Dan Yeffet ©DY 2015.JPG
TORCH+RIPPLE by Dan Yeffet 2014.jpg
TORCH_white_ by Dan Yeffet ©DY 2014.jpg
Torch-WB_BW_01_Dan Yeffet ©DY 2014.jpg
Torch_BW-WB_01_Dan Yeffet ©DY 2014.jpg
TORCH_BLACK_ by Dan Yeffet ©DY 2014.jpg
2-TORCH_BLACK adn GOLD_ by Dan Yeffet ©DY 2015.JPG
TORCH_BLACK_01_Dan Yeffet ©DY 2014.jpg
TORCH_WHITE_01_Dan Yeffet ©DY 2014.jpg