Homage for the classic atelier lights, a complimentary collection. 
black on black edition.

Shadow collection is our new interpretation for our appreciated and timeless '˜atelier'  light shades, we like to consider the 'Shadows' as an homage to its predecessor.
New material and new color combination with small twists to embed our DNA with this new product.
The collection consist 4 pieces for each bunch, and has 4 different type of glass shades which are slide over the conic wooden neck.
The collection is based on hidden light source, a warm LED spot.

Shadows exist in 3 different color/material combinations:
-black tinted glass with a black wooden neck (black ash)
-opaque black over a black wooden neck (black ash)
-white opaque glass with natural oak wooden neck


2012 Manufacturer: Brokis


photos: Martin Chum

10_SHADOWS  ©2012.jpg
11_SHADOWS ©2012.jpg
SHADOWS black collection 02_ ©2012.jpg
SHADOWS white collection ©2012.jpg
05_SHADOWS ©2012.jpg