Corvus embodies the clear expression of the greek word “photophore” (meaning “light
holder”). Corvus is a simple, thin and curved marble leaf in conjunction with a brass ring
 inserted on the marble, holding the scented capsule. But beware of its appearing simplicity.
Corvus defies the limits of the use of this material to turn it into a thin, almost transparent screen
magnifying the light of the candle.

Candle holder for oOumm's capsuled candle system,

comes in Carrara Marble, Marquina or Emperador Escuro. Available in 3 differents size

design for oOumm 2016

CORVUS_DAN YEFFET for oOumm_01_©2016.jpg
CORVUS_DAN YEFFET for oOumm_03_©2016.jpg
CORVUS_DAN YEFFET for oOumm_04_©2016.jpg
CORVUS_DAN YEFFET for oOumm_02_©2016.jpg
CORVUS_DAN YEFFET for oOumm_00_©2016.jpg
CORVUS_DAN YEFFET for oOumm_07_©2016.jpg
CORVUS_DAN YEFFET for oOumm_05_©2016.jpg
2-DSCORVUS_DAN YEFFET for oOumm_06_©2016C_7685.jpg