CASCADES (waterfalls)

"Waterfall is a pleating, a murmuring, an undulation. Waterfall is a tidy which transforms 
water’s movements into moving materials."


If it straight away echœs the running watercourse which impetuously punctuates a mountain landscape, the Waterfall series dœs not try to imitate nature in any way. It prefers to molt this observation into a sensual and minimalistic replay, transforming water’s pleats into material pleats. From this movement is born its function : welcome, magnify and set the scene for the most beautiful of daily objects. 

Cascade I
. Tidy in Carrara marble, Emperador Escuro marble insert . . Dimensions : 25 x 25 x H. 6 cm .

Cascade II
. Tidy in black Marquina marble, leather sheathed insert . . Dimensions : 50 x 18 x H. 6 cm .

Cascade III
. Tidy in travertine, natural varnished walnut insert . . Dimensions : 33 x 25 x H. 6 cm .

*as alwasy, we are still working on new set of images, please visit us again for all the new updates.

Cascades_03_dan yeffet_collection particuliere_2016.jpg
Cascades_01_dan yeffet_collection particuliere_2016.jpg
Cascades_02_dan yeffet_collection particuliere_2016.jpg