is a result of a new collaboration with OKURAYAMA STUDIO in Japan.

OKURAYAMA studio seats on a unique volcanic mountain in the north east part of Japan harvesting a special stone, a one of a kind, the DATE-KAN stone.

a stone harder, heavier and more durable than marble with a special features, a black core.

This stones where mainly known in Japan and used in the past with Masters like Isamu NOGUCHI on the early 70's.

The first steps of this project started with an exploration of the material and the 'know how' developed in OKURAYAMA for generations.

it was important for me to show first the quality of the stone just by 'pilling it' and exposing the different layers and sharing the magnificent look of the inside vs the outside.

First pieces are more sculptural and emotional, i took the time to first understand the stone and appreciate what it hides before moving to a more conventional typologies that we can associate in the design arena.

Stay tuned for the larger collection that will consist more objects, large and small, decorative and functional.

The visual story bellow is just a glimpse of how this extraordinary pieces were made, amazing people with amazing know-how.

a part of the collection is presented at GALLERY S.BENSIMON in Paris until the end of 2015.

a limited edition of low tables
ASTON{E}ISHING BLACK COLLECTION_12_Dan Yeffet_Akurayama studio 2015.JPG
stone searching
ASTON{E}ISHING BLACK COLLECTION_01_Dan Yeffet_Akurayama studio 2015.JPG
first preperations
ASTON{E}ISHING BLACK COLLECTION_02_Dan Yeffet_Akurayama studio 2015.JPG
preparing a base
ASTON{E}ISHING BLACK COLLECTION_03_Dan Yeffet_Akurayama studio 2015.JPG
searching for the 'absolute line'
ASTON{E}ISHING BLACK COLLECTION_04_Dan Yeffet_Akurayama studio 2015.JPG
some preparation
ASTON{E}ISHING BLACK COLLECTION_11_Dan Yeffet_Akurayama studio 2015.JPG
crust removing
ASTON{E}ISHING BLACK COLLECTION_14_Dan Yeffet_Akurayama studio 2015.JPG
crust removing
ASTON{E}ISHING BLACK COLLECTION_04.1_Dan Yeffet_Akurayama studio 2015.JPG
starting to revel the black magic
ASTON{E}ISHING BLACK COLLECTION_15Dan Yeffet_Akurayama studio 2015.JPG
finishing surfaces
ASTON{E}ISHING BLACK COLLECTION_08_Dan Yeffet_Akurayama studio 2015.JPG
merging surfaces
ASTON{E}ISHING BLACK COLLECTION_10_Dan Yeffet_Akurayama studio 2015.JPG
hand made tools
ASTON{E}ISHING BLACK COLLECTION_13_Dan Yeffet_Akurayama studio 2015.JPG
hand made tools